The journey of the sound studio started in 2016, when 13&9 Design and INNOCAD architecture created a multisensory exhibition for Architektur Galerie Berlin and for the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 at the European Cultural Centre. For this internationally awarded installation, electronic music producer and sound designer Severin Su co-created the project´s transformative soundscape. Since then, Severin and Martin Lesjak, co-founder of INNOCAD and 13&9 Design, have continued their in-depth collaboration, working on versatile sound design projects spanning from architectural and art exhibitions, movies, and fashion films up-to live audio-visual performances.


The transdisciplinary team’s holistic approach and diverse backgrounds contribute to various services ranging from SOUND DESIGN and TAILOR-MADE ELECTRONIC SOUNDTRACKS for virtual and physical environments to moving pictures, exhibitions, events, advertising, and interactive media. Furthermore, the studio offers MUSIC SUPERVISION & CONSULTING, POSTPRODUCTION as well as MIX & MASTERING.

In 2020, the studio collaborated with Lambda Labs, resulting in an acoustically refined, tailormade studio space with state-of-the-art gear.

The studio is led by producers, electronic artists and sound designers, Severin Su and Martin Lesjak. Their careers reflect a transdisciplinary approach and collaborative philosophy. Both founders have a background in electronic music, while Severin started off with a classic music education; he studied piano and vocals and in 2015, he began producing and releasing tracks for international electronic music labels. In addition to being the design visionary behind architecture firm INNOCAD, Martin´s foresight and expertise in art, design, and theatrics led to collaborations with different creatives. Together with Miller from Studio Superplus, he founded the collective Doctors on Decks in the early 2000s, performing their audio-visual shows internationally. In 2020, Severin joined the collective as the main songwriter and producer for THE MINUS LIVE SHOW.

As DOD (Doctors on Decks), they created THE MINUS LIVE SHOW, a multimedia synthesis of the arts whose concept has been cultivated over the last 10 years. With artists from all over the world, they’ve unfolded a universe that moves between art and entertainment in the form of images, texts, film, sound and music. THE MINUS — a sci-fi project without rules — is a story of a thousand stories, and some of them will be told by the Doctors in a night that somehow never ends.

Credits: © The Renderers / Benedikt Haushofer