Founded in 2013 in Graz, Austria, 13&9 is a product design firm based on the partnership between 2015 Contract magazine’s Designer of the Year, architect Martin Lesjak, INNOCAD architecture CEO and designer Anastasija Lesjak. 13&9 is both a design studio for international companies – BUZZISPACE, MOHAWK GROUP, QUINZE & MILAN, LANDE, ARTIFORT, WEVER & DUCRÉ, ROBERT LA ROCHE, XAL, VITEO OUTDOORS – and its own label that designs, produces and sells their own products. The transdisciplinary team’s successful cooperation with specialist partners has led to achievements in furniture, lighting, floor coverings, fashion, accessories and art objects, as well as exhibition and sound design projects.

Uniting architecture, interior design, product design, fashion and sound design, they exhibited their diverse works in New York and Chicago (USA), Shenzhen (China), Taipei (Taiwan), London (United Kingdom), Milano and Venice (Italy), Berlin and Cologne (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland) and Graz (Austria).

After first presenting their work in the US market in May 2013, 13&9 received attention for its varied product collections and authentic design philosophy. Since then their work has appeared in design and architectural media including: ABC News, Azure, Architectural Digest- Italy, Casa Vogue, Contract magazine, Directors Notes, 360° Design Magazine, Design Milk, Dwell, Elle Décor, Frame, GO green operations, Hospitality Design, Interior + Sources, Interior Design magazine, KNSTRCT, Metropolis, Core 77, Trend Hunter, Life in Sketch, MOD Design Guru, PSFK, The Architect’s Newspaper, Design Boom and other international media outlets.



13&9’s work relies on the interplay between architecturally-inspired forms as well as fashion and explores the approaches of different design disciplines. Based on the interaction between its founders – architects, product and fashion designers – interdisciplinary thought is encouraged in every project. The different backgrounds also give the brand the flexibility to use unconventional skills in developing innovative products. Their designs seek to create a unique dialogue between the individual and the environment, by expressing through design how we all are connected and impact one another. Finally, 13&9 is fully committed to producing their products in partnership with small-scale and local manufacturers to support production in the collective’s immediate area and encourage responsible environmental practices across the board.

“Our aim is to strengthen the bond that exists between the product and the individual; further, we seek to transmit the label’s creative energy in each product, which we hope, provides a window into 13&9 Design’s core values as a group and what we stand for individually and collectively” says Martin Lesjak, Founder and Partner. Thanks to a wide range of influences, the overall results are unique designs that combine functional necessities and innovations with conceptual aesthetics which also offer an emotional component, adding to the product value, “the soul” of 13&9 Design.


13&9 Design_Anastasija Lesjak & Martin Lesjak_Markus_Mansi_MOMA