Together with optician Martin Lasnik, 13&9 developed the Geometric Collection Diamond Shades, a limited-edition collection with distinct contours and facets that was awarded the Product Design Red Dot Award in 2015. This international design competition recognizes excellent design selected by competent expert juries. The sunglasses, designed for both men and women, are also featured in the Yearbook alongside other award winners. They draw inspiration from architecture, incorporating converging lines into a unified concept. The precise manufacturing and balanced proportions between angles and edges give the sunglasses a high degree of symmetry.
Diamond Shades are one of 13&9’s signature designs and have recently been captured in the unique nature of Iceland by photographer Stefan Haider. Glacier floes washed up on the black beach provided a perfect natural background and contrast for the shades. The shimmering fractal surface of the ice created a stunning interplay with the architecturally inspired forms of the glasses, exploring the contrasts between masculinity and femininity in terms of shape and surface. This limited edition collection is exclusively available in select shops: Lilly Lunettes Eyewear Store in Salerno, Italy; Pilatus Fashion Store in Graz, Austria; and 1COMMON Category Category Shop in NYC, US.

Credits: © Stefan Haider