Working beyond the boundaries of classical architecture and product design firms, INNOCAD and 13&9 transform ideas across genres. As a result, architecture, interior, product, fashion and sound design are often incorporated into the creative process of their projects, breaking boundaries with innovative concepts. As a team, they present authentic aesthetics and unconventional functionality, all while creating an emotional connection.


INNOCAD designs the Mohawk Group showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago 

The new Mohawk Group showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago is a multifunctional, flexible open space perfect for a variety of working and communication requirements. INNOCAD designed the showroom to have a transformative atmosphere that offers a functional display for flooring products, while still offering an authentic aesthetic and an emotional impact.


Mohawk Group launches two modular flooring collections designed by 13&9 in collaboration with INNOCAD

The ability to create individual flooring patterns and organize indoor space like a landscape architect is the most valuable contribution of the Topography collection. Using combinable tiles in varying sizes and two different color combinations, interior designers can take a subtle, tactile design approach that highlights individuality. This multifunctional collection is flexible for any interior – from commercial and hospitality spaces to private residences.

Topography collection is on view at the Mohawk Chicago showroom, Location 377, Floor 3 at the Merchandise Mart   ©Mohawk Group 


Moonscapes is an innovative broadloom collection inspired by the landscape of the moon. Actual photographs of its surface taken by an astronomy camera were abstracted into geometrical patterns for the collection’s artwork, and are visible in the broadloom’s printed pattern. The moon’s three dimensional surface is translated as elevations of the carpet base, creating a visual and tactile experience.

Moonscapes collection is on view at the Mohawk Chicago showroom, Location 377, Floor 3 at the Merchandise Mart   


BuzziSpace launches multifunctional furniture designed by 13&9 in collaboration with INNOCAD

Harmonizing the physical, virtual and social worlds, BuzziBalance optimizes the office space with multifunctional furniture for work, well-being, play, and collaboration.The needs of a modern day workplace are fulfilled with BuzziBalance, an active alternative to static objects, which enables balanced posture and stimulates body and mind activity. The standing Rocking Board is made of solid oak, with the option of adding an acoustical seating element, upholstered in any BuzziFabric material.


BuzziBalance is on view at the BuzziSpace Chicago showroom, Location 111, Floor 10 at the Merchandise Mart   

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