“Architectural Fashion” Exhibition at Architektur Galerie Berlin

Since the physicality of architecture itself cannot be exhibited, with this exhibition a new solution is discovered by which architectural features are transferred from reality to an exhibition space’s artificiality. This transformation’s process is less a matter of knowledge transfer, than of the creation of atmospheres that can ideally generate autonomous formats.

What is required is a transformation of the idea across different genres – which is the exact approach INNOCAD takes. The Graz-based architects see themselves not as a classical architecture firm, but rather as a multidisciplinary team. As such, they have developed an exhibition that breaks new ground for the gallery, which has often been a crucible for innovative approaches over the years. Under the title “Architectural Fashion”, they focus not on a literal representation of their projects, but on the underlying design principle as the foundation for multifaceted perspectives. For this exhibition, INNOCAD collaborates with fashion designer Sabrina Stadlober and electronic music producer Severin Su and its product design label 13&9 on a fashion, sound and space transformative installation that reinterprets three of their projects in the fields of architecture, interior design and product design.

Opening: Thursday, March 10, 2016, 7:00 pm
Welcome: Ulrich Müller
Introduction: Eberhard Schrempf
Duration: March 11 – April 23, 2016

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