INNOCAD Architecture and 13&9 Design are among the 2018 German Design Award Winners in the category “Fair and Exhibition” for “Architectural Fashion“ which was on display at Architektur Galerie Berlin last year.

Using a transdisciplinary approach, the exhibition represents an interpretation of architecture, interior, and product design projects through fashion and a sound-video installation. Rather than applying a traditional transfer of information, “Architectural Fashion“ creates content across disciplines to generating a transformative atmosphere that metaphorically blurs boundaries between creative fields.

The works are based on the firms three existing projects — The Golden Nugget, Rolling Stones and Moving Floors — which are each transformed into objects that capture the initial over-all concept. The designs are achieved by using exceptional materials and unique production technologies such as the 3D knitting of metal yarns, and laser cutting of natural stone veneer and acoustic adjusting felt.


Room-high mirror elements fracture the austere space, offering visitors the opportunity to gain new perspectives from multiple viewpoints – either as part of the display or as an outside observer. Placed in front of each mirror, the video screens document the making of process from concept to completion of the objects.

The installation is complemented by a soundscape that consists of three individual audio tracks which merge into a composition depending on the visitor’s position. Produced with the recorded noises of the project’s corresponding materials, the sound design adds an authentic acoustic experience to the holistic presentation.


“Architectural Fashion“ was conceived by Anastasia Su (13&9) and Martin Lesjak (INNOCAD) together with their team – Annabell Spötl, Jörg Kindermann and Harald Glanz – and in collaboration with Sabrina Stadlober for fashion design and Severin Su für sound design.