13&9 for Wever & Ducré

Introduced to the market in 2014, the Rock Collection demonstrates 13&9’s mission to think independently and adapt materials for applications beyond their intended purposes – such as using natural stone to create round shale shades for lighting. Honored for this example new interpretations for shading solutions, Rock Light was a finalist at Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Award 2014.

Sleek, modular and attractive, the Rock Collection is well suited for hospitality settings and would be ideal for lounges, lobbies, restaurants, hotel or living rooms. The combination of the lamps – table, floor, wall, pendent, ceiling-  and tables enables playful settings through the variety of sizes and proportions and allows versatile applications. This contemporary lighting is defined by its minimalistic design and the innovative application of a unique material used for the shades – stone.



The shades are made from razor-thin veneers of natural shale offered in three different stone surfaces. Since sculptural variations occur naturally in stone, every shade is individual and allows for subtle, sculptural lighting. The rough split, thin and flexible surface enables natural luminance and various transparencies creating a unique piece, a sensual experience and a new interpretation of shading solutions, using solid material. The lighting frames and tables are milled in highest quality Austrian craftsmanship from a lacquered birch plywood that expose a haptic natural wood grain. The end result are products that are richly varied in appearance and offer a sensuous aesthetic with their interplay of wood and stone.

ÖBB Headquarter Wien 12.2014Photo: ROCK COLLECTION at ÖBB Restaurant Vienna, Austria ©Paul Ott  
  Photos: ROCK COLLECTION at Abdul Latif Jameel Investment Office, Jeddah ©Paul Ott 
Photos: ROCK COLLECTION at HQ Volksbank South Tyrol, Italy  ©Paul Ott