HEX-O – Modular light and acoustic system

13&9 for XAL

The HEX-O sculptural series has been fundamentally revised and conceptually complemented by TRIG-O that can stand alone or be combined. Both solutions have a fantastic modular design and fulfil two critical functions in a room as they combine lighting and spatial acoustics. Light and background noise are the two factors that have the most significant impact on well-being in the workplace. HEX-O and TRIG-O combine state-of-the-art LED lighting technology with highly efficient sound absorbers to hone an ideal working environment. Thanks to their combinatorics, they can be easily extended while delivering incredible creative freedom to spatial and lighting planners.

13&9 wanted to use HEX-O and TRIG-O to develop products that allow bespoke customisation and superimpose several functions (space + light + acoustics). This provoked the idea of geometric elements. The modularity was derived from the honeycomb system of insects. The result is a lighting system that can be used simultaneously as an illumination, design, and acoustic element. A lighting concept born from necessity and created for modernity. Martin Lesjak says: „We wanted to give designers a tool that everyone can use to create their own light and acoustic landscape.“

Two shapes, three sizes, and three heights. The flexibility of HEX-O and TRIG-O grants architects and lighting design teams incredible freedom for their ideas. The hexagonal and trigonal luminaires and acoustic elements can be combined and arranged as desired, from symmetrical louvres to honeycomb meshes to completely freely arranged sculptures. Each lighting and acoustic solution can be later expanded with individual elements.

Light-acoustic solutions with a profile. HEX-O and TRIG-O were explicitly developed for office environments. The microprismatic PMMA cover ensures uniform and glare-free light at the workplace. Three combinable acoustic elements – modules, flat, and absorbers – have multiple effects. Their felt surface absorbs high-frequency sounds, while the elements‘ volume attenuates lower frequencies. The polygonal shape guarantees the even dispersion of the sound waves. Combined, this creates beautifully balanced acoustics in open-plan offices, meeting rooms, or open environments. Anastasija Lesjak elaborates: „In open space, a bespoke lighting and acoustic concept is of crucial importance, as it delivers sensory zoning without physically delimiting the space.“

HEX-O and TRIG-O sound absorbers are made of optically high-quality PET fleece, which is formed and finished locally. The felt-like material with its tactile surface has optimal spatial acoustic properties. The fleece outlasts its use as an acoustic element. The material is made from 60% recycled PET bottles and can be recycled after its service life. We have developed an origami folding technique to precisely shape the velvety PET fleece. This manufacturing method produces completely smooth edges, rounding off the acoustic bodies visually and in their acoustic efficiency.

Photos: Knapp AG – Hart bei Graz, Austria ©Kurt Kuball

Photos: EANS Flight Control Center – Harju County, Estonia ©Tõnu Tunnel

Photos: Abdul Latif Jameel Investments – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ©Paul Ott