13&9 for Mohawk Group

The ability to create individual flooring patterns and organize indoor space like a landscape architect is the most valuable contribution of the Topography collection. Using combinable tiles in varying sizes and two different color combinations, interior designers can take a subtle, tactile design approach that highlights individuality. This multifunctional collection is flexible for any interior – from commercial and hospitality spaces to private residences.
Topography consists of five tiles that vary in size, geometry and texture to enable the creation of a unique and adaptable interior landscape. The five styles offer shifts in horizon through texture changes at the perimeter or at the center of each tile, transforming how pattern can be created and viewed on the floor.
Using the same innovative precision tufting technology as Moving Floors, the three dimensional tiles have different textured bands at varying pile heights that give the perception of embossed and debossed planes. Topography was built on this same tufting platform to allow for combinable styles that support non-obsolescence and sustainable design thinking. However, it functions as its own collection with new colors, textural components, and size formats to expand the limits of modular carpet.
With this collection, Mohawk Group is introducing a new large modular format of 24” x 48”, to be used with our standard 24” x 24” square format, which gives more opportunity to designers and specifiers for creating large format floorscapes. The five styles include three innovative “stretch” tiles in the large rectangular format: one with a solid edge band, one with a gradient edge band, and one with a framed outline. The remaining two styles are square: smaller framed outline, and gradient with color and texture fade effect. The styles can be used independently or together, allowing for complete design flexibility.

The collection was Inspired by landscape architecture, where plants and the built environment merge together to create a sustainable and harmonious sense of space. The varying topography of the surface materials allow for areas of relief and dimension, emotional resonance, and a grounding experience.

Photo: TOPOGRAPHY © Mohawk Group