Rolling Stones – Transdisciplinary Design

13&9 in collaboration with INNOCAD

13&9 and INNOCAD’s transdisciplinary team – consisting of architects, product-, fashion-, sound-, and media designer, won the Graz Armoury “Cannon Room” competition. The task of creating a new information centre for Graz Tourismus and, in synergy with this, an attractive entrance to the Provincial Armoury called for an approach transcending architecture alone. The result is a consistent corporate identity combining architecture, media and merchandising aspects. The “Murnockerl” (cobblestone) is the basic building block of the concept, being a contextual link, a metaphor, corporate symbol and form-giving element in one.

Kanonenhalle Graz 04.2013
Kanonenhalle Graz 04.2013Photo: Rolling Stones ©Paul Ott <