BUZZIPLEAT – acoustic solutions

13&9 for BuzziSpace

BuzziSpace expands its range of acoustic solutions with the introduction of BuzziPleat. Designed by 13&9, the collection blends beauty and performance into an adaptable collection of wall and hanging pendants. The BuzziPleat series reinterprets ancient techniques used in fashion design, like smocking and pleating, to create large-scale, yet lightweight sculptural forms, made of sound-absorbing BuzziFelt. Architectural folds maximize surface area, delivering exceptional acoustic performance. The traditional craft of hand pleating — the principle of gathering up volume, then reining it in — is applied to freely construct a complex architectural form. The BuzziPleat framework relies on tension of its own fabrication, rather than an internal support structure. Fashion has long adopted this method to create neat, yet flexible forms. Here, the application brings an organic quality to an otherwise synthetic material. “Pleating brings movement to still objects, animating them from within,” said Martin Lesjak, lead architect and designer, 13&9. “It can therefore be seen as the symbol of a major social shift towards a rebounding society giving movement and elasticity to structure.” The hanging acoustic pendants can be configured with an optional light source add-on, to marry sound control and illumination in one multipurpose product. The collection includes two configurations, BuzziPleat Ripple and BuzziPleat Edel, both can be affixed to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. Each model is available in two sizes. Choose from a diameter of 100cm or 150cm. Select one of many BuzziFelt and BuzziFabric combinations, ranging from neutral to bold and bright hues.

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