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13&9 showcases “Architectural Fashion” at the Museum of Arts and Design show,  ‘LOOT: MAD About Jewelry’ Fifteenth Anniversary Edition in New York

Anastasia Su and Martin Lesjak, creative directors behind the design collective 13&9, will present new editions of Geometric Collection Jewelry and Geometric Collection Diamond Shades at LOOT: MAD About Jewelry, the Museum of Arts and Design’s annual six-day exhibition and sale featuring designs from emerging and acclaimed jewelry artists, from September 28-October 3, 2015, New York.

MAD About Jewelry is a striking example of the enduring vitality and evolving possibilities of jewelry as an art form. In addition to the eyewear, Diamond Shades, the team will showcase brand new assortments of Geometric Collection Jewelry, which includes rings and bracelet styles as well as earrings and necklaces. The mens’ and women’s collection’s unique appeal is derived from the exceptional use of high quality architectural material, Corian® that has rarely been used to make fine jewelry.


Photocredits: Geometric Collection Jewelry © Markus Mansi (MOMA)

Inspired by fashion and architecture, Geometric Collection Jewelry reference the precise geometry of the ellipse and the hexagon, whose shape balance soft lines with sharp edges that are both smooth and textured. The ellipse offers a perfect shape with its unique curves that celebrate simplicity, while the hexagon‘s intricacy proves nature’s innate ability to create an understated complexity. All styles are first drafted in CAD programs, furthering the commitment to adhering to design principals used in architecture to create a balanced relationship between surfaces and angles, resulting in subtle sculptural forms including rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. With optimized proportions, the pieces are transformative and can be worn in different contexts that symbolize simultaneously radicalism in form and material language. The Corian® sheets are first cut with a CNC machine and then undergo rough milling to create the contours and facets, followed by rough grinding to further define the forms. The final step is carefully hand polishing, which creates the distinct matte finish and an individual stone surface of the jewelry, made in Austria.


Photocredits: Geometric Collection Jewelry © Markus Mansi (MOMA)

Also featured in the show is the award winning eyewear collection, Geometric Collection Diamond Shades. These unique objects are the collaboration between 13&9 and eyewear brand Robert La Roche. Inspired by architecture, the eyewear is constructed with geometric precision strictly using converging lines that create perfect symmetry and optimize the relationship between angles and edges. The special manufacturing process, including sandblasting and grinding by hand as well as the careful polishing of surfaces, creates the distinct matte finish for men, and a special high-gloss look for women. Custom-made flat lenses are produced exclusively for this collection.

13&9 Design Shades

Photocredits: Geometric Collection Diamond Shades © Jason Lowrie

“Our work aligns with MAD’s commitment to the exploration of materials and process, as well as its long-standing presentation of jewelry as an art form. Since MAD is the only American museum with a gallery dedicated to the display of both temporary jewelry exhibits and its own collection of contemporary and modern studio and art jewelry, we are especially honored to be a part of LOOT” says Anastasia Su and Martin Lesjak.