13&9 for Mohawk Group

Moving Floors epitomizes Innocad’s and 13&9´s approach to design: a unique dialogue between the individual and the environment with a focus on the concepts of modularity, compatibility, flexibility and transformation. The collection – or flooring system – interacts with geometry and individuality of nature based on cultural landscape examples. The concept is designed to be dynamically moving based on the user’s changing point of view by combining op art inspired design and innovative production techniques, such as lenticular effects with relief textures and accurate varying patterns.

Shifting a 2D pattern into the 4th dimension changes its optic performance due to its relationship to space and time as well to the diversity of the patterned tiles. The Moving Floors Collection transforms the idea of cultural landscaping into an indoor landscape experience. The overall vision is to develop floors that move you on an emotional and creative level due to interaction of the product with the user based on the individual combination of the modular tiles. The design seeks to offer a design-tool that empowers the customer, or designer, to react on many different requirements and atmospheres of the spaces creating a personalized solution to serve individual moods and needs.

Photo: MOVING FLOORS ©Mohawk Group
Photo: MOVING FLOORS at Microsoft Vienna Executive Lounge ©Paul Ott
Photo: MOVING FLOORS at C&P Corporate Office ©Paul Ott <