13&9 for Durkan by Mohawk Group

Mindscapes collection reflects a holistic approach that balances functionality, aesthetics and emotional impact for hospitality environments with a new broadloom experience that emphasizes an authentic design strategy throughout the manufacturing process. With the aim to create an atmospheric impression on the floor, the top of the flooring displays images of the moon, mars, clouds, mountains, water and sand. These visuals are artistically abstracted into graphic patterns that create three–dimensional visuals on the carpet’s surface. By using precision dye injection, the graphic patterns are applied over a textured carpet base, creating both optical and tactile effects of the transformed conditions or landscapes by means of forms, contours and contrast. Different visual qualities, for example, of the abstracted moonscapes transport users to feel like they are doing a moonwalk over the carpet and lifts the flooring into a conscious existence of the space.


“Our aim was to establish relevant design strategy by creating flooring that is not only based on casual prints of colors and forms clustered but rather offer an authentic transformation of our environment into space. By exploring the print dye injection technology, we developed a grid for the abstraction of the different surface or landscape images into unique a visual and tactile flooring experience.” Martin Lesjak and Anastasia Su.
The patterns of Mindscapes are optimally abstracted so that this running line broadloom carpet can easily be adapted into pre-determined rug sizes. The collection’s visuals also allow for sections of broadloom to be cut and reconfigured into larger floorscapes or wall-to-wall installations, thus offering individual flooring combinations and space transformations. Utilizing Durkan’s patented Synthesis technology, color gradients layer atop a textured base underline, next to dynamic visuals, providing the three-dimensional sculptural appearance. The color ways, which include purple, teal, burnt orange and gray, will be offered in light, medium and dark color values that can be used together or alongside a coordinating color way. The collection is backed by WeldLok, which is ideal for high performance environments that require excellent tuft retention properties. Mindscapes collection is Red List free and features a Declare label.

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