HEXA Leuchte 650 montiert 00

HEX-O – lighting and sound-absorbing system

13&9 for XAL

A LUMINAIRE THAT PLAYS ALL THE ANGLES: The hexagonal shape of this luminaire makes it a unique, space-defi ning element. By adding a touch of extravagance, individual or combined HEX-O elements can create eye-catching ceiling arrays. Available either as a surface mounted version or as a suspended luminaire attached to the ceiling with cables HEX-O CEILING and SUSPENDED can also create zoning effects in larger spaces. In this way, HEX-O functions as both a luminaire and a ceiling design element.

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY FOR NOISE REDUCTION: In addition to the luminaire systems, the HEX-O series is also supplemented by the sound-absorbing design elements HEX-O ACOUSTIC, HEX-O ACOUSTIC PLATE and the ABSORBER. These elements are well suited for areas with highnoise levels, such as hotel lobbies, shopping centres, open plan offi ces or conference rooms. The combination of an absorber with special non-woven and woven fabrics produces outstanding sound-absorbing results. These elements are available in different sizes and colours.

BEST ILLUMINATION: The innovative technology inside the HEX-O delivers on this promise. The backing plate with its high refl ective surface allows brilliant peak values of up to 122 lm/W. The cover of the HEX-O is available as either an opal surface or a microprismatic structure. The integrated glare-suppressing prisms of the microprismatic cover also guarantee the best glare suppression values of UGR < 19 for modern offi ce lighting in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1.

hexo zeichnung Photos: HEX-O at XAL Office – Vienna, Austria ©Paul Ott   XAL Light&Building Frankfurt, 2014 Photos: HEX-O at XAL – See The Light – Köln, Germany ©Paul Ott