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The BuzziBalance concept is to create an active alternative to static objects, which enables balanced posture and stimulates body and mind activity. With an aim to get people out of daily routines with a physical and a psychological approach, BuzziBalance has a playful and health orientated aspect that encourages subtle movements while standing or seating and requires a users cognitive commitment to balance.
BuzziBalance includes two combinable units, a wooden spherical base with an optimized radius that could be used alone as standing rocking board and with additional pouf providing soft seating area. Users can balance on the board during phone calls, creative meetings and inspirational breaks or use board in pairs for team building. By adding a pouf for active seating that supports conscious balancing, sedentary working can be avoided by training the body in a playful way.
Offering new solutions for contemporary way of living that blurs work and private life boundaries, BuzziBalance is an interactive piece of furniture for individuals or teams ideal for work, private and hospitality use.

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